Xijiao Swimming Center Phase I西郊泳场一期

XIJIAO Swimming Center Renovation (Phase I), Guangzhou Liwan

Period:  March-October, 2012
Location:  Liwan, Guangzhou
Status:  Built
Prime Consultant:  Guangzhou Planning & Design Institute (GZPI)
Team: XING Ye, XING Yi, YANG LiYan, CHEN Yuxia, ZHANG Jiarui, LI Jiande

Xijiao Swimming Recreation Center was transformed in only 7 months from design to completion of construction, pulling the levee back 80 meters, creating a more natural experience of swimming by a sandy beach along the river and a more generous flood zone.  The majority of the original banyan trees (Ficus virens var. sublanceolata) were kept, which, along with a number of Bombax trees, creates a unique local subtropical ambiance, distinct from the typical palm tree and sand beach approach.  Shading structures are abstracted from banana trees and water falls, offering a comfortable semi-outdoor environment and visual excitement.  The new changing room building has natural ventilation and lighting, from skylights and courtyard gardens.  Being the first outdoor sand beach swimming pool in Guangzhou’s central area, the project attracts many swimmers and much public attention.