Dali Erduo Inn


Dali Erdou Inn

Period: 2012.6. – 2013.11.
Location: West coast of Erhai Lake, Panxi Village, Yunnan, China
Status: Built
Size: 15 rooms+1 suite, 800m2
Team: WAN Lu

The site is about 600 m2 in size, facing Erhai Lake to the east, Cangshan Mountain to the west, and an ancient dock to the north. A mid-high end position was established for the project during early discussions with client, with the goal to provide a comfortable and relaxing lodging experience.

In order to maintain a village housing scale along the shoreline, design chose a off-center cross plan instead of a massive block, forming a major courtyard facing the lake on the east side, a secondary courtyard on the west side, and an entry courtyard on the north side. The roof of second floor serves as an outdoor platform for the interspersed third floor rooms, providing individual courtyards for every room. Landscape views to the lake, the mountain, and the sky are particularly framed for each room through carefully positioning and sizing the windows, and undesirable views are block by the same method. The design is to create a sense of home and the atmosphere of country life.

The collaboration with client on the project was very pleasant. The client respects the designer’s professional knowledge, and the designer admires the client’s imagination. ‘Erduo’ is named by the client, like a flower, quietly opening along the west shore of Erhai Lake.


项目时间:2012年06月 – 2013年11月




2 comments to “Dali Erduo Inn

2 comments to “Dali Erduo Inn

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