LIZHIWAN Canal Phase III荔枝湾三期




Period: 2011 to Present
Location: Liwan, Guangzhou
Status: Under construction
Prime Consultant: Guangzhou Planning & Design Institute (GZPI)
Team: YANG LiYan, XING Ye, CHEN Yuxia, ZHANG Jiarui, PIAO Jun, ZHAO Ning, CAI Yuhua, CAI Chengli, TAN Xiaomei, YANG Yan, LIAO Qilin, LUO Jianping, HU Xi, CHEN Shuna

Phase III of the Canal Daylighting project threads 1.2km through the traditional residential Xiguan neighborhoods.  It was covered by concrete slabs, forming neighborhood alleys.  After daylighting, the width of the canal varies from 8 to 20 meters.  Following completion of this phase, the canal will return to the Pearl River via a 0.8km underground pipe.  The overall project is designed to reduce flooding during heavy rains, and to provide a continuous waterfront promenade in the traditional old town.

Distinct from the concrete bottom of phase I, the canal bottom is ‘soft’ in phase III, encouraging water plants to grow, and increasing bio-diversity along the canal.

The landscape design along the canal is divided by major vehicular crossings into three parts.  Part A connects the Liwan Canal phase III to phase I.   The underground canal was within the boundary of a hospital, serving as its parking lot.  The project made the canal the natural boundary of the hospital, while preserving all the Chinese Banyan trees along the old canal.  Part B winds through the grid of a residential neighborhood.  A series of triangular pocket parks are created between the grid and the canal, stimulating mixed-use renovation.  Part C is within a redevelopment site.  The continuous and vegetated sloping bank provides flexible opportunities for adjacent developments to approach the waterfront in the future, as well as a visual relief for the crowded old town.  Cultural and historical references are integrated into the design of landscape intersections.